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I was so hooked up with this TV series on CBS. I know some of you must have heard of it. The Big Bang Theory! Ring a bell? I sure hope so. This show is just super funny. It brings out the geek in you! The show is witty yet dumb. Smart yet idiotic. And all of those tongue twister lines by the smartest person on the set.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper – also known as Dr. Whackadoodle, the smartest and craziest guy on the planet. (second guy from left,  checkered pants)

Dr. Leonard Hofstadter – another genius who shares an apartment with Dr. Sheldor (Sheldon) (guy with glasses)

Howard Wolowitz – a Jewish engineer, friend of Leonard who is still living with his mother (first guy from left in red shirt)

Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali – an indian particle astrophysicist who can’t speak to women except when intoxicated (well, looked for the indian guy)


Penny – the gorgeous blonde, neighbor of Sheldon and Leonard (the only girl in the picture, right?)

This show is really something. That’s why last month, when my girlfriend and I bought a puppy. I really wanted to name it, Sheldon Cooper. But then, she was a she, a girl. So we named her Penny. But Penny doesn’t have a family name yet on the show, so we decided to call her, Penny Blossom. It was one of Big Bang’s episode where Penny, decided to have a small business by making Penny blossoms.

Well, enough talk, I introduce you to Miss Penny Blossom:



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